Project 49 Update

Many of my loyal fans, both of you. You know who you are. May know about my new sy-fy adventure called Project 49. If you don’t, here is the link. Or go to Amazon and search for it.


My next book, so far dubbed, Lowe: Williamson’s Legacy, is on chapter 12 of the first draft. If you are local, come to the Anderson Lee Library on Oct. 19 at 6:30 pm to meet me, get a copy signed and I may read a piece of the new book.

Hope to see you there.

Roar on the Shore 2017


Bikes, bikes everywhere!

That is once I found it. I try to be fair, but…a few directions on the website would have been nice. Maybe some signs. I don’t know about you but I just love getting lost in city traffic in stop light hell.

Once there, plenty of food, drinks and biker life style is all there. I checked out the biker clothing and jewelry, even bought myself a new doo rag, a few flags and shirts. I was rather impressed with the prices. Often enough at event, prices are through the roof, but not here. They were very reasonable.

I visited a few venders. Allstate Insurance was on hand with a motorcycle simulator.

I spoke with Robbie, the manger of MonsterBrite of Atlanta, GA. They have been installing lights for 7 years and travel to 22-25 ralleys a year. Each work is a bit custom and they make all the lights themselves.DSC_0025

This bike is almost done.

So many venders there, so I can’t thank them all, but will give a shout out to Ergo Audio Unlimited of Union Town, PA. They front Rockford Fosgate Audio for bikes and where on hand to do installs.

DSC_0022A special thanks to the Erie Police on hand to serve and protect. Officer Michali, a 5 year veteran of the Erie Police, makes a commanding presence on a 103 powered 2009 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Standard.



With live bands, bikes, shopping and food, the Roar on the Shore is just a crowd pleaser. I had a blast, and look forward to next years event.


New GTO?

This is from Jim Olsen via Facebook Car Show.

I swear, EVERY week there’s something new in the automotive universe popping up claiming some old model/brand is being resurrected, etc……and I’m here to say, if you believe any of these, I have a unicorn for sale.

Bottom Line: Don’t Be Fooled – Never Happening!

 new GTO.jpg

I am not usually a huge fan of new cars, but damn. I want it! As long as it comes in another color besides green. 🙂

I Love Old TV Cars


The Munster Koach is the family car that was used in the television series, The Munsters. Only one official Koach was made for the television series and feature film. It was made from three Ford Model T bodies and is 18 feet long. The 133-inch frame was made by hand, as were the brass radiator and fenders. It has blood red interior and black pearl paint. It took 500 hours to hand form the ornate rolled steel scrollwork. The front end had a dropped axle, split radius rods and T springs. Its design featured a custom hearse body. The engine was a 289 cubic-inch Ford V8. Originally configured for installation in an AC Cobra, it was built with Jahns high compression pistons, 10 chrome plated Hudson Jet carburetors, an Isky cam, and had a set of Bobby Barr racing headers. It had a three speed toploader manual transmission (Paul Bull, Facebook Car Show).

When Pigs Fly BBQ Pit

bar (8).JPG

The latest stop in the tour was When Pigs Fly BBQ Pit in Barcelona New York, which is right on the waterfront in Westfield. It is always an enjoyable ride down Route 5 for me, and the thought of having wings at the end of the ride makes it all the better.

bar (2)On the site of the former Zebro’s, a lot of work has been done to the inside as a remodel. The fisherman’s motif is now gone and replaced with a down home BBQ like feel. The picnic tables were a definite surprise and add a nice touch to the feel of the place, right down to the wall that looks like it was made out of pallets. bar (4)

Now on to the best part, the wings! I ordered them honey mustard with a sweetened ice tea. First thing I noticed was the color and texture. They were a deep honey brown and I figured out later that it was the sauce, but at first I thought it was some kind of breading. The sauce was had a chunkiness to it. The wings were not typical. They were still tender, not crunchy at all. And really good…

bar (12).JPGCome to find out that I thought was baked, was fried but smoked first. It gave them a unique taste and texture that I would love to re-visit.

I guess that is what one would expect from a celebrity chief like Robert Hesse, who according to the June addition of Hard Tales Magazine, was on the Food Network and shows like Hell’s Kitchen. I even saw a bit in the local Pennysaver about him cooking for Rolling Stones headman Mick Jagger.

If you are in the frame of mind that nothing ever comes here, or happens here, Chief Hasse has plans for cooking competitions and plans to take part in local events.

bar (3)And personally, I think good food is always something we all can get…well…behind.

The Whiskey Hill Saloon

8-10-16 (26).JPG

In Cassadaga New York right on Route 60 is the Whiskey a go…(wopps) Whiskey Hill Saloon and that is the last place visited on the Impromptu Motorcycle Chicken Wing Tour.

From the outside the place don’t look like much but like one of those tasteless fortune cookies it is what is inside that is important. First of all it was cold in there. It did feel real good at first but after being there for around 45 minutes it starts to chill you.

8-10-16 (34)I love the atmosphere of the Whiskey Hill. It was all dark and done in deep wood finishes with hats and skulls and other stuff hung on the walls, with some big comfy wood chairs that you might expect to find on a outdoor patio.


And of course the wings. An order of wings had nine in it which is an really odd number. (I am just full of puns today, and maybe something else). They had many different flavors that one would expect like hot, medium, mild, BBQ and honey mustard but when I read the word “garbage” on the menu I had to ask.

8-10-16 (8)It turns out that it is a mix of popular flavors like BBQ, honey mustard and others, with some Cajun as an option. They even grilled them up for a bit to char them up and it was soooo good. Even the burps later tasted great. They were not greasy at all, which is a bonus. The teenager ordered a BLT and I was impressed with the size of the sandwich.

Even thought I got there at a slow time, the place was great and the waitress was very helpful and really interested in making my visit enjoyable. I will return I think.

8-10-16 (41)

Now the unseen hero of the chicken wing tour…

7-31-16 (8)

What is a motorcycle chicken wing tour without the motorcycle?

I took the licensing course over the weekend and tomorrow I should be able to get into the DMV and leave a licensed operator. I have not had a chance to ride much even if I had this 425 pound monster ready to go because I do not know a lot of people with a license

I got this 2005 Honda Shadow VLX 600 for a really good price. It only had 9191 on the clock the day I bought it and only has a few more on it now. Its low mileage problem is one I intend to fix. Add ons include plastic saddle bags that lock, a windscreen, sissy bar and Jardine exhaust that has a pleasant tone without being overpoweringly loud.

The only things I have done so far is added a chrome license plate surround, wielded a broken exhaust hanger and zip tied down a few cables that were damaging themselves and the windscreen from rubbing.

According to, “The Honda Shadow VLX 600 features a powerful, liquid-cooled 583cc V-twin engine which generates 39hp and 36ftlbs of torque. Its home is in the 65mph-and-above range, cruising nicely at 70mph. The seat height is a fairly low 27.2”, accommodating for riders both short and tall. These features make the bike not only great for beginners but also demands to be taken seriously.”

Eagle rider also said that it has a fuel economy of 45 hwy and 35 city with 3.6 gallons in a full tank.7-31-16 (12).JPG

I love riding this thing and can’t wait for the next time. It is responsive, sounds good and I don’t feel like a dork sitting on it like I would with a Rebel 250.




Confessions of a Journalist

Hey you! Yes I am talking to you! My loyal readers. Both of you. Hey! Pay attention I am about to say something important. I have a confession to make. Here it goes.

This blog was…homework.

DSC_0027.JPGI graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia, Magna Cum Laude with a double major in English and communication.

Even through this was homework I intend to be dedicated. In the future you can look forward to this blog being around and having new content. We will strive to bring the same low quality that that this site was built on for sometime to come. All the pain, rust and bad puns we can dig up, we will put here. Until then.

The Fastest Street-Legal Electric Car Is a Chevrolet Corvette

It would be easy to assume the Tesla Model S is the fastest electric car in the world. The P90D can, after all, hit 60 mph in less than 2.8 seconds and is limited to a top speed of 155 mph. But no, it doesn’t hold the record as the fastest electric car in the world. That record belongs to an electric Corvette called the Genovation eXtreme Electric, Road and Track said.


The GXE’s motors produce a combined 700 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to also hit 60 mph in three seconds flat with a top speed of 186.8 mph.  Its 130-mile range on a single charge isn’t too shabby either. Perhaps the craziest thing about this electric Corvette-other than its $335,000 price tag-is the fact it still uses a manual transmission.