Writers Need Love Too



  • They know weird facts
  • They make good coffee—several times a day
  • They’re low maintenance, because all they do is eat, drink coffee, and write
  • Great for midnight chats because they wake up in the middle of the night to write—then they need a drink
  • If they have to edit, they’ll procrastinate by cleaning your whole house.

Charles Freedom Long

1886 Train Wreck


Now understand that details are a bit fuzzy because everybody in my research loves to be really vague or completely useless. But, since the birds are chirping and the air is warmer and people will be soon thinking about demolition derby, I thought I would throw this in.

In 1886 a passenger train full of tourists bound for Niagara Falls collided head on with a freight train on a sharp turn around my home town of Silver Creek, New York. Somebody didn’t stop the train at the station like they were supposed to. 21 men’s lives were lost when the baggage car enveloped the smoking car. The conductor and the engineer were charged with manslaughter for disobeying orders. DSC_0006

You may notice that the one car is inside the other. Women were not allowed in the smoking car, so none of them died.



I found these photos at the Silver Creek…ummm…room of old stuff. I don’t know what else to call it. It needs a lot of work. The engine looks like it’s from Vulcan Iron Works. They were used on the Buffalo & State Line Railroad quite a bit. To bad it didn’t “live long and prosper.”

Wet n Wild Camaro

The owner of this brand spanking new Camaro ZL1 saw his romance with his new 580 horsepower ride come to a halt after he lost control of the car and plowed it straight into a swimming pool! Needless to say, the car will likely be totaled out, thanks to a hydrolocked engine and fried electrical system! Hopefully he took the time to get it insured before this unfortunate incident!


Self Drive Cars are the End of an Era

The fear that we will become completely automated has been around for some time. Others may call it a dream. Cars are almost there.

According to Hot Rod, “It started with the automatic transmission; tomorrow won’t be like today. Irreversibly, tomorrow will be populated with robot cars transporting humans that will not know how to drive a manually operated automobile. Will a test lab somewhere in the heights of Berkeley be allowed to resolve the difficult questions, or will it be put into the hands of typically apathetic voters. On every level, future generations will be amazed at the amount of freedom our society once had.”

Don’t believe it? Name someone that drives a stick shift? Even semis are turning automatic.

“There are some strong pluses and minuses to the controversial topic of autonomous cars, so lets play devil’s advocate for both sides. The good news is driverless cars will remove the steering wheel from the hands of people that really shouldn’t be driving,” Hot Rod said.

The minus is a way of life will be gone, and can even to go to extremes, ads that may be seen from the air could be made by letters and numbers painted on the tops of cars. Who thought of this? It would cause problems for commuters. People with places to go would find themselves delayed for the sake of advertising. Don’t we contribute to the rich enough? Those without numbers on their cars could be pushed back and delayed, or cars with numbers slown down to make the most of the advertiser’s dollar. If the cars are that well controlled, what would stop them from taking it just because they need a “w” right now? Think people.


Wreaked Porsche Selling for Mad Money


Even with all-wheel-drive, the 887-horsepower Porsche 918 Spyder is a lot to handle. Apparently, too much to handle for the former owner of car #830, who wrecked it after putting just 92 miles on the odometer. Now, #830 has turned up at a salvage auction in Long Island, with bidding up to $100,000 at the time of writing.

Normally, a car this destroyed would be declared a total loss and meet its untimely demise at the crusher, but limited-edition hypercars are a bit of a different story. Recall, the Ferrari Enzo that was restored by Ferrari after it was literally ripped in half in a California crash. That car recently sold for $1.76 million.

If you have the money and patience, Porsche will likely be willing to bring this car back to its showroom-fresh state. It might cost you as much, if not more, than buying a working 918, but you’d have a car with a unique history.