Staying Busy

Life has been interesting. I am working a lot of long hours and there are what seems like a million projects to be done. I feel the most important project keep getting pushed to the side. I hope this will change. In fact I quit one of my jobs just to make this happen. I hope I am not shooting myself in the foot but “fortune favors the bold”.

Project 49, my first novel has been rewritten. I moved stuff around and added content and will be released as an edition two. I am not sure when. I would like to finish the second book in the series, currently entitled Lowe: Williamson’s Legacy.

I have finished several short stories and have one more to finish before I continue to work on the book. After the book I have one more idea for a short story that I will write. These stories will be released in a collection.

The first edition of Project 49 is no longer available except through me and is in a limited supply. Contact me if you want one. Facebook would be the best way and thanks for being here.

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