New Job

9-9-18 (4)

I am now contracted to Star Fleet Trucking in Middlebury, Indiana!

Unfortunately, I am often on the road a lot now so the posts will come in right about the same time.

I went in for my two day orientation then drove out with the unit above around 2 pm the second day. I completed my first trip with no problems and delivered to Albany, New York the following day.

9-9-18 (6)Middlebury is an interesting and busy place. The campers are built there after the chassis is shipped in from the OEM factory.

One of the first things I noticed was the air. It smelled different. Not bad or like chemicals, just different. I think it is because of where I live, right on Lake Erie in Western New York, most of the time I am never more than ten miles from the water and that is what my sniffer is missing.

9-9-18 (15)I saw so many different vehicles while there. From pull behind campers to large vans to three axle buses going down the road. And just for contrast, I even saw quite a few Amish buggies.

As I said, the campers are everywhere. Almost like they use them as lawn decor. I will be back on the road soon, and hope to see many more interesting things and enjoy my time behind the wheel to clear my head and find some deep thought. Most of my first book was written behind the wheel. I would gather my ideas while driving and write them down later. Exciting things to come!

old-brick-houseAnd I find my own fun on the road. Sing it with me… Cause it’s a brick…house…it’s mighty mighty, letin’ all hang out…


Okay, I’m done.