7-11 Chicken Wings

I like chicken wings. I like them so much that many of my previous posts are about visiting restaurants in the area on my bike and reviewing their wings.

0828181657_HDRI was in a hurry, and hungry the other day, being between shifts on the NYS Thruway. I saw these “pecan wood smoked flavored” wings at the 7-11 and thought I would try them.

They were around $4.50 for five of them, not what I would call cheap. Once I got the box I stuffed my nose in the crack. My smeller told me there was a boiled hot dog in the box. My brain said no, that we just watched him put wings in it.

I don’t like hot dogs much. It is rare that I will eat one.


0828181657Ever wonder how somebody could possibly screw up that badly? This is one of those times. How do you get a chicken wing to taste like a hot dog I will never know.

Not gonna do that again.


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