Elantra Done

0814181601As stated in a previous post, I bought a 2015 Hyundai Elantra with the purpose to set it up to be dingy towed. I am happy to report that it is now done!

Of course we picked a hot day. One hour into the project and I was soaked through in my own juices.

First step was to drill out the plate the tow bar attached to. Why it didn’t come with the two holes it needed was beyond me.

Once that was done bolting up the bar was simple.

The fun part of the job was running wires to the back of the car for the lights. I wanted to keep it clean so it will use the car’s taillights instead of magnetic externals.

First find a hole in the firewall the wire can go through, then run it under the kick molding to keep people from tripping on it. Go under the back seat, then strip out the molding in the trunk.

If you don’t have a wiring diagram, you can use a test light to find out what wires power what. If you have a three wire system (one for driving lights, one for brake, one for turn) don’t make the same mistake I did. Leave the turn alone. The tail lights will still flash with your foot on the brake for turns and you don’t want the turn signals to come on when the brake is applied.

8-15-18 (1)The kit comes with diodes that keep power from feeding back into the car, and for some reason (once again) that is important so use them.



8-15-18 (3)Here it is, done. Tie up any loose wires.


8-15-18 (2)Once the car was done and put back together, we made a harness to go from the RV to the car. If you buy one they are like, eighty bucks. I spent enough on this project. I got a seven prong male RV plug and a small six post round male and female.

Using some extra wire and a loom from Napa Auto Parts, we made one for a significant savings.

I hope to soon deliver my first motor home. More to come.

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