New Cover!

I am so pleased to say that my first novel, Project 49, has a new cover! The insides of it are now even professionally formatted, making it look goooooood! The new cover is available on Amazon, $14.99 for paperback or $4.99 on e-book. Or if you like you can have a copy of P-49 before the format, the soon to be rare first editions. They are on E-bay for $12.99 and free shipping. Don’t miss out! Get your copy of this exciting science fiction adventure today! Links are below.


Nickel City Con 2018

So The Nickel City Con is done, broken Batmobile and all. I had a good time. Sold a few units and talked about my book, Project 49. I did buy a few posters, one of zombies and another of my hero, DarkWing Duck. Maybe post about them after I get frames.

I did see Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jennie) in passing. Wow is she short!

That and the people in the booth next to me got kicked out for running a gambling scam. I was wondering about that because it looked fishy. No merchandise rolled out of there. Still they made a killing, until they got kicked out.

Here is some pics of the best cosplay!

The lady on the other side of me, nice lady, had an awesome collection of Lego Mini-figs and other Lego and Lego comparable stuff. Hit up, the pic is just a small part of it!0520180907

Now I would like to announce the winner of his own copy of Project 49 from the raffle!

Congrats to: Brian Boyce of Cheektowaga, NY!