Second Car Done

From the painting accident to many hours of swearing I got another car done. This is a Pro Street Chevy Beretta. It is the one in the middle of the first pic, then the lower body is in progress, lower right of the second pic.


It came out okay. It was the first time I was really successful with the water decals. I found out the trick is keep them in the water until they slide off the backing, then swear at them. I do like the driver. Nice touch.


The back looks good from a distance.


Here it is with the hood off. I left the paint mess up alone under the hood to give it a hammered metal look and hand painted the Bowtie’s with toothpicks.

I can’t keep doing this much longer. Between work, my reading and TV habit, I am not getting important things like the next book in the Lowe Series done. That and modeling gets on my nerves after a while.

Check out the page on up incoming events on the Home page. I will be at a few local events that are coming up soon and hope to see you there.

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