Truck and Trailer Project


It is finally done. With my sudden desire to build models again, I have no idea why, it is not relaxing at all. Why do I do it? Cause I gotta. I’m creative, so I need to create something. It has burnt up a lot of my time. I have written nothing on the new book for a while now.

I have about three, or twelve, I don’t remember…models still to finish, start or beg/borrow parts for but for now we will talk about this one.

I wanted the models to tell a story, not just sit in the box.

DSC_0005Hope this one says, rusty truck and a car just pulled out of the snow bank. I mentioned this project in older posts and I am so happy it is done.

It is also my first with a driver. These are not easy to get and took a long time to get here. Little tip, paint them before putting them together.

DSC_0003For my next illusion, I took Elmer’s Glue and added food coloring to it, and dabbed it in the car with a Q-tip. The plan was to get it muddy. I like to joke that it looks like somebody dropped trow and splatter crapped it. The chains I got from the thrift store, after painted rust color, add a nice detail to the car/trailer combo. They do not hold the car down, a zip tie does that.

DSC_0002I also added a chain to the plow and put the plow in an up position, like the truck was driving.



DSC_0004For my last bit of detail, I used cotton balls and a bit more Elmer’s Glue to add the effect of snow in the back of the truck. The balls soaked up the glue. (Duh) But with a bit of stuffing it came out alright.

I have a few more to finish before the demands of life pull me away so I need to get cracking. We leave so much undone in our lives and I don’t wish for a bunch of model kits to be in the list.

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