Lowe: The Now Unnumbered Chapter

I have a prosess…no that ani’t right. Delete delete delete, process. Or lack of therefore. I just finished a chapter and now I need to meld it into the main body of the story of the next book in the Lowe Series. Woo hoo! Makes me happy anyway to get some writing done.

Some important dates to remember; Project 49 will be at three shows.

Heroes and Villains Con: April 7, Cortland NY


Buffalo Comicon: April 15, Buffalo NY http://www.buffalocomicon.com/

Nickel City Con: May 18-20 Buffalo NY http://www.nickelcitycon.com/

Feel free to Cosplay any of my characters, I would like to see that action. Be looking for more shows cause we are. If you know about one you want us at tell us!

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