More Human than Human

As mechanics, or car guys and gals, we have a general interest in how things work. Every thing can and has been modified in a garage or basement, from cars, lawn mowers to toaster ovens.

But how much do we know about the greatest machine ever built? The one that lets us float through this physical plane with hardly a hiccup for decades? The human body.

It is something that everyone should know at least a bit about. Other than washing your armpits, what do you do for it and what do you know about that coffee or Pepsi, corn chip and pizza run machine?

This book is jam packed with information about your body and how it runs.


The book breaks the body down into its separate systems and explains how they work. They show imagery from scans alongside illustrations that make something so complex a bit less confusing. But how they got that drawing from that scan, I will never know so don’t ask.

For example, on pages 106-7, they talk about automatic functions of the nervous system (If you don’t know what a nervous system is than you really need this book). Ever notice that you get cold, but still sweat when you are afraid? The nervous system does things automatically (out of your control) to prepare you to fight or flight. It is called the sympathetic division of the nervous system. Blood vessels in the skin contract while sweat gland production rises. Digestion slows down and blood goes to the muscles while the heart shifts into overdrive.

After you win the fight, (or shit your pants and run) the parasymathetic division (say that three times fast) kicks in, the heart slows to normal, digestion begins along with other processes to return the body to normal. Interesting enough, is (according to the book) that the sexual organs are stimulated! No wonder where that wanting sex after a battle idea came from.

There is much more to be learned from this book. I use it as a reference in my writing, or just when I want to learn something.

In other words, I recommend it. The book can be picked up very inexpensively on Amazon. The link is below.

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