In a Book Frame of Mind

Now here comes a confession. I do read.

Not that I read quickly. I never figured out how people do that. My daughter can eat a 500 page book before lunch, and remember what she read. I can’t. 500 pages takes me days and often I have to reread it to get and remember it, never mind think about it how it fits in on canon or the other.

Unless I hate it. Then I wish I could put one more “n” in the canon and shoot holes in it. One example was The Sorrows of Young Werther. It wasn’t bad…right. If you don’t mind 80 odd pages of listening to somebody whine. I don’t have the capacity.

I also read newspapers. I am not a Trump supporter. Nor do I believe the earth is flat. Nor do I believe that gun control laws have a prayer in controlling the frequency of mass shootings.

I just don’t say much. It is not why I made this site. It was for the hot cars I run into, not to rant about what I don’t like. There are plenty of places for that.

I do wish to expand a bit, but just into books. I do have way to many interests to fit into one lifetime. I love music but leave it to the professionals. I love artwork and for a time I got better at it, but had to move on to other classwork and had no time to continue it and lost it. Happens a lot in college. You move on to the next subject and forget everything about the last from a lack of practice.

I am reading four books right now and I will discuss one of them in my next post.

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