New York in the Fall

At this time of year, the natural beauty of Western New York comes out.

10-18-17 (1).JPG

I took this while cruising down 20A (duh) in Wyoming County. Say what you want about wind turbines, but I think it is a wonderful combination between nature’s creation and the innovation of man. I understand that some people don’t like them, expectantly when the only thing they are used to hearing in birds, bees and the occasional squirrel battle royél. Those things make a whooshing noise and the shadow can be annoying. But from a distance they are nice, expectantly during fall color season.

When traveling around this state, it is no surprise that you would run into a farm. Wait…farmz. There are a lot of them, and not just the wind type. The sights and smells of the county not only include fresh air, but road kill, dead skunks and farms that the smell is enough to knock a fat guy off a Honda GoldWing at fifty tire revolutions.

For those of you that never heard the saying, “knock a buzzard off a shit wagon at fifty paces,” it was a play on that.

10-18-17 (3)

Conesus lake, with the sun just beginning to set, is also lovely. I would put it on your trip planner.

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