Just Wasting Time

It got cold around here didn’t it? One day it was in the 80s and muggy, next cold, wet and windy. Well, the only thing more fickle than politicians around here is the weather.

DSC_0008As it does get colder, hot machines will be hard to come by. I will have to visit old friends and get updates on what they do. If the money holds out I hope to do some work on my 1984 Honda Gold Wing. That could be fun. We did replace the back tire and what a project that turned into.

The bike was jacked way up and the drive shaft had to come out. I wasn’t there for the removal just the install. I guess things were rusted up. The owner’s manual tells you to remove the saddlebags, but I think jacking it up was the way to go.

That hideous mud flap had to go too. It looked like someone made it with a hole saw and razor knife. Eww.

But on the Project 49 front, I will be at the Anderson-Lee Library in Silver Creek, NY on October 19th at 6pm for a book signing and may read a part of the next book that is already in the works. I will have a limited amount of copies on hand for purchase.

Hope to see you there and in here, even if we are snow bound. Maybe I will have to get excited about snowmobiles, even if I really don’t like cold and avoid snow sports like a plague.

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