2009 Demon Custom

If anybody says there are no hot bikes around WNY I beg to differ. It may be cold for a large part of the year but we embrace an automotive culture. Once the weather pops above 50 the machines come out of hiding. Gotta love summer, even as it draws to a close.

One intense machine is Louie Delmonte’s 2009 Demon frame custom. He let me sit on it. I really didn’t want to. I live in fear that my clumsy butt will scratch it. He even said I could ride it. Still working on that. Part of me says no, Merdock says…yeah yeah yeah!


DSC_0005Engine is a 2009 150 HP Super Sidewinder. Displacement is 124 CI, with a Baker transmission. The Vance & Hines exhaust is super short, and super loud. Standing next to the ends will blow around loose paints, and cause more hearing problems than a Megadeth concert.

Massive rear meat is a 300/35 VR18 Dunlop Cobra that is stopped by Martian Brothers disc brakes. With the skull theme to the bike (which is awesome by the way) the rear fender has a point to it. See if you can figure it out, I’ll wait.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Yup.

The seat is alligator skin and skulls even appear on the handle bar caps.

Delmonte’s only problem with the bike was too small of a battery. Because of the engine’s high compression, a 310 cold cranking amps battery is required and it just kills smaller batteries. Now that the problem is solved, his favorite time on the bike was the 2017 Roar on the Shore in Erie, PA. Not only was the ride a good time, the bike drew a lot of attention.

I will let you know if I ride that monster.


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