Project 49

My very first novel is now available on Amazon in both E-book and paperback. It is a science fiction adventure.
Seven years in the making, it has finally come to light. I started writing in September 2010 and kept plugging away at it through 4 years of college, raising a family and working full time.
I hope you enjoy it!
A young man’s troubled life tragically comes to an end, only to awaken as a cybernetic assassin. Plagued with memory loss, he must look for clues within to discover who he is, all the while being abused by his handlers and forced to perform under a constant watching eye. And to kill. The only question is can he hold on to his sanity while running through the bush on a island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean then into the jungles of South America. Can he find piece of mind and the strength to survive the biggest fight of his l

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