1973 Ford Maverick

At times when at the local show I run into a car that makes me say, “Oh that thing is hideous! I want to know more about it.” Joe Hodkin of Forestville has such a car.

09-06-17 (5).JPGThis 1973 Ford Maverick has the original 302 engine and although it doesn’t work, original A/C. Hodkin said that not many of these came with a 302.

He has had the car for three years. He bought it from another Forestville resident and the car originally came from Florida.


09-06-17 (7)09-06-17 (8)When he got it the windshield leaked because the head liner was cut off with a knife and the water had nowhere to go. The original windshield was saved because of the original yellow tint, but the seals have been replaced. He sanded the body himself but had it painted. It came out a little lighter than original and can be seen from the underside of the deck lid.

Hodkin enjoys taking the car to shows and appreciates the four door car for what they are. “A lot of people come to see (four doors) because it is what they had (back then), ” he said. “Not everybody can afford a Mustang.”

On a side note, Hodkin oil paints on the side. he mostly does portraits. Once he painted a dog for a lady, and she was so happy that she made him a blanket!

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