1984 Honda GoldWing GL1200


I picked this up the other day for $1600. It has 52,000 odd miles on it and looks really good for its age. It passed inspection even though the last sticker said 2013. All the lights work, brakes…ehh…sorta kinda work.

The Honda has plenty of power. Getting it to do 30 is a bit of a chore. It wanna go!

DSC_0008From sitting and half a tank of bad gas, it does have a bit of a break up while cruising at low RPM, but that sounds like a simple fix. I will put some carb cleaner in the tank, maybe change the spark plugs.

As I just got it, some plans are coming to my head about what I want to do to it. That mud flap has got to go. It was cut, poorly, by a previous owner and looks bad. The windscreen ends right at my eye level and needs to be cut down.

DSC_0010Some minor body work is in the plan, as seen from the picture to the right, needs some touch ups and the pin stripping needs replaced.

Brakes and rear tire are the first things so stay tuned.

Also, feel free to enjoy the short video of my crazy friend Rocko and the bike. Like I said, no shortage of power.


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