Roar on the Shore 2017


Bikes, bikes everywhere!

That is once I found it. I try to be fair, but…a few directions on the website would have been nice. Maybe some signs. I don’t know about you but I just love getting lost in city traffic in stop light hell.

Once there, plenty of food, drinks and biker life style is all there. I checked out the biker clothing and jewelry, even bought myself a new doo rag, a few flags and shirts. I was rather impressed with the prices. Often enough at event, prices are through the roof, but not here. They were very reasonable.

I visited a few venders. Allstate Insurance was on hand with a motorcycle simulator.

I spoke with Robbie, the manger of MonsterBrite of Atlanta, GA. They have been installing lights for 7 years and travel to 22-25 ralleys a year. Each work is a bit custom and they make all the lights themselves.DSC_0025

This bike is almost done.

So many venders there, so I can’t thank them all, but will give a shout out to Ergo Audio Unlimited of Union Town, PA. They front Rockford Fosgate Audio for bikes and where on hand to do installs.

DSC_0022A special thanks to the Erie Police on hand to serve and protect. Officer Michali, a 5 year veteran of the Erie Police, makes a commanding presence on a 103 powered 2009 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Standard.



With live bands, bikes, shopping and food, the Roar on the Shore is just a crowd pleaser. I had a blast, and look forward to next years event.


2006 Harley Davidson Deluxe


Kicking it down at the Roar on the Shore was Kim Edwards from Pittsburgh, PA and his 2006 Harley Davidson Deluxe powered by a 103. Other than some add ons like the saddle bags and Vance & Hines exhaust, what is interesting is the paint job.

Formally residing in Texas, Edwards had this done at Other Side Customs in Dallas.

Left is the front fender, right is the rear. This piece spoke out to me out of the many bikes I saw. Defiantly worth the look see.


1984 Honda GoldWing GL1200


I picked this up the other day for $1600. It has 52,000 odd miles on it and looks really good for its age. It passed inspection even though the last sticker said 2013. All the lights work, brakes…ehh…sorta kinda work.

The Honda has plenty of power. Getting it to do 30 is a bit of a chore. It wanna go!

DSC_0008From sitting and half a tank of bad gas, it does have a bit of a break up while cruising at low RPM, but that sounds like a simple fix. I will put some carb cleaner in the tank, maybe change the spark plugs.

As I just got it, some plans are coming to my head about what I want to do to it. That mud flap has got to go. It was cut, poorly, by a previous owner and looks bad. The windscreen ends right at my eye level and needs to be cut down.

DSC_0010Some minor body work is in the plan, as seen from the picture to the right, needs some touch ups and the pin stripping needs replaced.

Brakes and rear tire are the first things so stay tuned.

Also, feel free to enjoy the short video of my crazy friend Rocko and the bike. Like I said, no shortage of power.