Wednesdays at The Big Indian

Bored on a Wednesday evening? Like hot cars and cool bands? Chicken?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then head on down to the Res in Irving, NY. Right on Milestrip Rd (off RT 20) is The Big Indian (TBI). Besides having gas, smokes and snacks, and would you believe pants??? on Wednesdays they have a car show. DSC_0026

Jean Sanborn, the manager of TBI, said they started it last year and typically have 50 cars. Last Wednesday they have over 100.

The show runs from 5-8, unless there is a band then it goes to 9. Their out door stage has an interesting back drop, The New York State Thruway. It adds a bit of automotive charm to the experience.

“We love this,” Sanborn said. She handed it out to her employees, who she said work hard to make the event happen every week. Everyone from the cooks, the 50/50 girls to the lot attendants make sure everybody is happy.DSC_0032.JPG

Not only maybe see a pretty girl, you can find everything from 30s Fords to a Smart Car.

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