Dale Davis and his 1968 Firebird


It pleases me greatly that we have returned to warmer weather. The biggest perk, other than being on my motorcycle, it that bad girls like this come out to play and after some sweet talking, I get to look under her skirt.

Let me stop for a second and say that I am sorry. I meant to be back sooner. My life has been crazy and exhausting. I do hope to have more time for this, between my job, home life and finishing my first novel.

Back to the Fire-chicken.

Davis got the car from Atlanta, GA in the late 90s.

Davis has bragging rights to say that he built around 2/3 of the car himself. The Chevy 468 engine makes about 425 hp and is mated to a turbo 350 transmission. 353 gears fill the rear end.DSC_0020

He said it was a smooth build, with the biggest challenge coming from the fact that the car came with a 6 banger. It was a struggle to get the suspension to right to handle the weight of the big block and for the car to handle properly.

He had the car wrapped in a Ford silver and “Go Shadow Flames” done by Jimmy Shine of Fresh Airbrush in Hamburg, NY.DSC_0013

Davis’ best memories in the car are made by making his wife grab onto the “oh crap” handles. He does it as often as he can, even if his wife doesn’t like it.


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