Ken Evert’s M931A

Ken Evert found a military M931A tandem (3 axil), six wheel drive 6×6 five ton and converted it to what you see here using a scrap metal and an old trailer body. It is mostly stock except for the rear suspension, as Evert added air ride. He wanted to do it for the front also, but it proved to be too difficult. Evert was using this truck as a test for another truck that is being built now. 11-6-16 (1).JPG

The truck has a 855 cid, 250 horsepower non-turbo Cummins with an Alison transmission.

Evert said this monster was “a toy” and is mostly used for going out to dinner or ice cream. They have done some winching with the 45,000 lbs. hydraulic wench mounting behind the front bumper.

Future plans involve paint and bigger tires, like all things do…at least as it seems to me.

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