The End of the Chicken Wing Motor Cycle Tour.

Or is that “Impromptu Motor”… well whatever. The riding season is about to come to a close, and yes I have been riding but mostly it was to work and I have been tired. It does feel good to get out. I also have done my first group ride and meet some really nice people, whom I do hope to see again.

dsc_0001We went to Letchworth State Park and back, saw some pretty New York fall scenery.

On the way back we stopped at a Bar and Gill called Charred, in Mount Morris, New York. I found a new love in my life, and that is Angry Orchard Apple Beer. It was really good! The wings were also charred, hence the name, and I loved every bite.


This ride was a great way to cap off summer, or fall as we come to winter, I want more time to write and I hope to see more articles here. As the cars get put away, it makes them easy to find and their owners get out of practice talking about them, and one thing I know is car owners never tire of talking about their ride!



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