The Pad

8-17-16 (7)A nice scenic ride down the  out of South Dayton on the 62 to the 394 finds a person in Kennedy, New York. On thing I figured out is that I hate New York’s cheap way of fixing roads. You never notice in a car or in my case, 1500 Chevrolet, how much difference is in the height of a pave over patch (long ways) there is until the tire on a bike finds it and the machine feels like 500 pounds of Jell-O under your butt.

8-17-16 (12)But I made  it to my destination, The Pad. I found this place in an ad In Hard Tales Magazine and this ride was a dream of mine for months.

The inside was nice, but let’s face it, it is still summer and there will be plenty of time later to sit inside. License plates and other signs on the wall made the atmosphere along with “Wake Up, Little Suzie” playing over the  speakers. The next song was “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight.”

The menu was about like you would expect from a burger and fries and beer kind of joint and they even have their own chicken wing sauce called the “84 Special.”. The bartender Amy told me it was created by the guys down at the local 84 Lumber. It is made with butter, garlic and parmesan cheese and according to Amy, rather popular. I admit that I was not brave today and ordered them BBQ.

8-17-16 (16)The wings came rather quickly. They were tender and really good. Maybe if I was brave and tried the home flavor…but who knows. The staff was really friendly and so was the clientele.

8-17-16 (23).JPGI struck up a conversation with Bob Hazzard of Frewsburg, New York about his 2005 Harley Softtail. What made it stand out was the snakeskin on the seats and the grips. Bob was not 100% sure, but he thought it was a $1200 option.

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