The Whiskey Hill Saloon

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In Cassadaga New York right on Route 60 is the Whiskey a go…(wopps) Whiskey Hill Saloon and that is the last place visited on the Impromptu Motorcycle Chicken Wing Tour.

From the outside the place don’t look like much but like one of those tasteless fortune cookies it is what is inside that is important. First of all it was cold in there. It did feel real good at first but after being there for around 45 minutes it starts to chill you.

8-10-16 (34)I love the atmosphere of the Whiskey Hill. It was all dark and done in deep wood finishes with hats and skulls and other stuff hung on the walls, with some big comfy wood chairs that you might expect to find on a outdoor patio.


And of course the wings. An order of wings had nine in it which is an really odd number. (I am just full of puns today, and maybe something else). They had many different flavors that one would expect like hot, medium, mild, BBQ and honey mustard but when I read the word “garbage” on the menu I had to ask.

8-10-16 (8)It turns out that it is a mix of popular flavors like BBQ, honey mustard and others, with some Cajun as an option. They even grilled them up for a bit to char them up and it was soooo good. Even the burps later tasted great. They were not greasy at all, which is a bonus. The teenager ordered a BLT and I was impressed with the size of the sandwich.

Even thought I got there at a slow time, the place was great and the waitress was very helpful and really interested in making my visit enjoyable. I will return I think.

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