Now the unseen hero of the chicken wing tour…

7-31-16 (8)

What is a motorcycle chicken wing tour without the motorcycle?

I took the licensing course over the weekend and tomorrow I should be able to get into the DMV and leave a licensed operator. I have not had a chance to ride much even if I had this 425 pound monster ready to go because I do not know a lot of people with a license

I got this 2005 Honda Shadow VLX 600 for a really good price. It only had 9191 on the clock the day I bought it and only has a few more on it now. Its low mileage problem is one I intend to fix. Add ons include plastic saddle bags that lock, a windscreen, sissy bar and Jardine exhaust that has a pleasant tone without being overpoweringly loud.

The only things I have done so far is added a chrome license plate surround, wielded a broken exhaust hanger and zip tied down a few cables that were damaging themselves and the windscreen from rubbing.

According to, “The Honda Shadow VLX 600 features a powerful, liquid-cooled 583cc V-twin engine which generates 39hp and 36ftlbs of torque. Its home is in the 65mph-and-above range, cruising nicely at 70mph. The seat height is a fairly low 27.2”, accommodating for riders both short and tall. These features make the bike not only great for beginners but also demands to be taken seriously.”

Eagle rider also said that it has a fuel economy of 45 hwy and 35 city with 3.6 gallons in a full tank.7-31-16 (12).JPG

I love riding this thing and can’t wait for the next time. It is responsive, sounds good and I don’t feel like a dork sitting on it like I would with a Rebel 250.




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