The Start of the Impromptu Motorcycle/Chicken Wing Tour

Sorry that I have been away. Working two jobs can do that. Along with the fun I have been having. But mostly working.

In a later post we will be discussing my latest find, a Honda Shadow 600. In this one we will be discussing what I will be up to after I take the course this weekend for my license.

The point is that I will review establishments chicken wings on taste, size, indigestion, and maybe even fluctuation (in other words, farts the next day). I will ride my motorcycle there and suck them down, talk to people about hot rides I run into and let you know the action.

Even if I did not get a chance to ride the bike there, last night I headed up to Cabana Sam’s in Sunset Bay, New York. 7-27-16 (26).JPGI had myself a few, just a few mind you, vodka cranberries along with a nice sized order of wings. They were not really greasy at all, tasted good and were not a bad deal considering that…



7-27-16 (11).JPGTerry Buchwald was there proving that money could be made with a little bit of talent and a karaoke machine. Check him out on Facebook. Terry kept the crowd moving with Elvis tunes and a bit of country over the excellent summer time sunsets off the lake that only this region seems to provide. 7-27-16 (18).JPG


And I took my daughter along so of course here is a picture of her cramming that massive bacon cheeseburger in her mouth. She said that it would never have fit in her mouth if she didn’t squish it first. I had some of it and it was like a bit of fat man heaven. I lucked out an found the burnt spot-wow I love that.7-27-16 (29).JPG

Today I will admit to a fluctuation or…three. But not bad considering. No indigestion and gas really manageable. A real good time if you want some good food, friendly staff good views and entertainment, even on a Tuesday.