Confessions of a Journalist

Hey you! Yes I am talking to you! My loyal readers. Both of you. Hey! Pay attention I am about to say something important. I have a confession to make. Here it goes.

This blog was…homework.

DSC_0027.JPGI graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia, Magna Cum Laude with a double major in English and communication.

Even through this was homework I intend to be dedicated. In the future you can look forward to this blog being around and having new content. We will strive to bring the same low quality that that this site was built on for sometime to come. All the pain, rust and bad puns we can dig up, we will put here. Until then.

Na Na Na (way to many nas…) Batman


So what am I talking about, anyway? I was reading the Pennysaver (a local once a week publication) and it had a small clip about the Batmobile. According to them, and confirmed a bit by Wiki and CNN money, Ford designed a car called the Lincoln Futura in 1955. It was had crafted in Turin, Italy for the cost of $250,000 (2.2 million) and it never made it into production.

Ten years later George Barris of Barris Kustom City bought it from Ford for one dollar. (Really? One dollar? Did some CEO get kicked out of his apartment and have to move right now?) He made the modifications and added fresh paint and WALLA! Adam West had a car to drive while he made an idiot out of himself for the latter part of the 1960s.


Sorry about the quality of the pics, but the video I wanted wouldn’t imbed. According to CNN, the car then sold for 4.6 million dollars at Barret Jackson in early 2013. The link is below. Not a bad profit margin for something that was picked up for a dollar.

2000-2001_Ford_Interestingly enough, the Ford Futura was produced between 1962 and 2008 for sale in Australia. Quite a difference in design from over the years, seeing that this one is a 2001, but if someone made it into a Batmobile? I donno.