Clayton Parker’s 1979 GMC C-10

One point that I want to make clear to my readership is thus: I am not Hot Rod Magazine. A bit of rust or a dent or two will not turn me away. Everything tells a story and the hope is that it is a better story than “I threw a bunch of money at it.” Having a trailer queen doesn’t hurt your chances of me talking about you, but it also doesn’t help.

With that in mind, this time I wish to talk about Clayton Parker’s 1979 GMC C-10.

Clayton (4).JPG

Clayton (2).JPGThis is in excellent shape for a New York truck. Parker found it in Stockton, New York and took it to his home in Forestville. In between driving it around he put on a Crowl induction hood to cover up the less than perfect looking small block 350 with TH-350 automatic.

He added the aluminum wheels and the Cooper Cobra tires, along with…wait for it…new headlights. To add to his automotive affection, Parker admitted to washing it once in a while.

Clayton (6)In the future Parker wants to fix the cab corners and add an LS engine for more power and better fuel economy.

Parker bought the truck for his son, Nathaniel. “It was basically bought to go to a couple of car shows in the summer so my son can have fun. When he first saw it he said, ‘When are we going for a ride?'”

Clayton (1)Still this truck still looks rather good and has a deep rap to the exhaust that I find rather pleasant. When not parked at Norm’s Garage in Sunset Bay, this truck is easy to spot cruising around and a welcome site to local automotive memorabilia.




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