Dick Majka’s 1964 Pro Street Corvette

The weather has gotten better a bit earlier than normal. Mid-March 50 and 60 degree temperatures are just a blessing. Not only does it allow people to finally come out of their houses, but nasty little cars can too. The sun and warm brought this car out of its Fredonia, N.Y. home for me to find as I was driving past Country Fair on Rt. 60. The car was at the pumps getting a shot of hi-test.


Dick Majka found this 1964 Corvette Fastback in Connecticut and for the most part, in the shape it is in. Majka and his son Rick drove 14 hours, did a load and go, then were chased home by a snow storm. The storm caught up to them in Rochester and they had white out conditions all the way to Buffalo, but made it home safe.

DSC_0012The 383 stroker and 350 turbo trans came with the car. Atop the engine sits a Holly 780 cfm carb that makes around 450 hp to turn the new driveshaft and 3.50 gears they put in the Ford nine inch rear axil.

DSC_0016They wanted the stock fuel tank to go back in the car so they remodified the rear frame for it to fit. They found that 31×18.5R15 was the biggest tire they could cram in the rear fender well without it rubbing after the rear suspension was modified.

This car is a cruiser. They have never raced it, so they don’t know how fast it can go. It goes to local shows and cruises like at Point Gratiot in Dunkirk and the Syracuse Street Rod Nationals.

They have a 1963 Split Window Coupe that we will visit as soon as it comes out of the trailer, that does all the racing.


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