Zombie Jeep, Part 3 Diesel Cleaning the Engine

Jeeps can be fun in the mud, but not when the engine oil looks like mud. As a working theory, I believe that its pervious owners did not take real good care of their car. I say it is a car because it is unibody. It must have a frame in my eyes to be a truck, in case Jeep owners start hissing at me.

The engine oil looked like mud. There can be several different reasons for this:

  • bad head gasket that lets the oil and antifreeze mix
  • lack of proper changes that cause the oil to get dirty and watery
  • water condensation from sitting

Lucky us, the head gasket is fine, so it is a combo of lack of maintenance and water condensation. One way to fix this problem is what I call the “diesel treatment.”

2-21-16 (2).JPGAfter the oil is drained and the cheapest oil filter possible is put on, pour about a gallon of diesel fuel into the oil fill. Yes, I said the oil fill. Relax, it is an old school trick for cleaning out a dirty engine.

And say hello to Rob. This is his rust bucket anyway.


2-21-16 (4).JPGFind the coil and disconnect it. The engine must  not start while you are doing this. On this Jeep, the coil is located on the right front of the engine. Crank the engine over for a while then let it sit. The diesel fuel will be pumped around the engine and begin to loosen up the sludge. After about a half an hour crank it some more, then let the crap settle into the oil pan before draining.

2-21-16 (10).JPGAir can be pumped into the oil fill by plugging the hole with a rag and that will make more of the crap come out of the pan after the first drain. This can be done several times, depending on how bad the engine is. After you are satisfied with how cleaned out the engine is, change the oil filter again because it too will be plugged with crap. This was a new filter,  but not anymore.

Fill the oil like normal and see how much cleaner it is. It may not be perfect, but it will be a lot better than if nothing was done. Consider changing the oil in about 100 miles because all the diesel will not come out and will continue to loosen up crap in the engine.

Any who…I am pleased to report that the brakes are all done and bled, the rear shocks are replaced, and did I mention that the oil change is done?

2-21-16 (13).JPGThe crossmember is now in. Nuts where welded inside the channel for the bolts to go through like stock after the inside piece was made and two holes where drilled. And then…weld weld weld, and walla! The transmission his held up by something other than automotive cancer. It is not the prettiest thing I have ever seen, but at least the tranny won’t fall out.

Zombie Jeep is going to sit for the week, and possibly we will visit it next week end and hopefully finish the job, if Rob ever stops buying new parts.


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