The Future of Vehicles Modified For Street and Race Use

I ran into something on MSN auto that made me stop and want to know more. The EPA is making new laws on vehicle emissions. The scare is that aftermarket parts to make a car go faster, which often can effect the crap that comes out the tailpipe, will be illegal for street use. The parts are legal for off-road use, which is just about never regulated.

Old school rodders don’t have much to worry about at the moment. According to the EPA, the proposed law effects cars made after 2017, with current standards being 2006. But could be a serious problem for tuners.

It is already illegal to modify an exhaust system in New York State (S375-31). I have never heard of an older car being pulled over for it. For the most part, police leave older cars alone and pick on the tuners, for now.

Just remember, Congress’s job is to make laws. If they don’t make new ones, what is the purpose of them having a job? Right? Then they won’t be able to make more money and that is something they will not tolerate.

Even if you do not like tuners and prefer old school muscle (not that the two have ever argued) we all must band together to keep, not our hobby, but our way of life. Once Congress has had their fill of the tuner crowd, muscle cars will be next.

SEMA is lobbying, and I found the online petition. I signed it.

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